Make your LED sign stand out with color contrast

One of the most common mistakes after purchasing a LED sign is uploading a graphic to your led sign without using contrasting colors. adVISION LED builds state of the art LED signs with the highest quality of internal equipment for a dynamic advertisement to draw in customers. However your sign is only as good as the content that is sent to the sign. adVISION LED works with their customers who purchase a LED sign on creating the best content possible to portray your business in the best possible way. This service is completed free of charge for the life of the sign and will give you a piece of mind knowing that adVISION is not just selling you a sign, but a service!

Get the most of your advertising dollars with a LED Signs from adVISION LED.

LED signs are very great at grabbing people’s attention regardless of what colors are being used in the making of them. After all, it’s why they are such great marketing tools, and it’s also why so many people choose to have LED signs in front of their place of business. Of course, while having an LED sign is a great step in the right direction, savvy business owners who want to stretch their advertising prowess just a little bit more often find out that they are wise to make their LED sign stand out just a little bit more by incorporating contrasting colors into the design.


LED Signs Are Good, But…

Lighting alone is a natural way to grab attention and get eyes to focus on a sign, however, light in itself can only go so far. As a society that is constantly looking for new flashy ways to advertise, many people are choosing to get lit outdoor and indoor signage as a way to attract new customers. This, in turn, can desensitize people to the whole concept of single-color LED signs if it’s done in large enough quantities. A good example of an area where LED signs are often overlooked is Times Square in NYC, where every business is required to have an LED sign or a neon sign outside their store window. So, while this is the exception and not the rule, it’s important to remember that desensitization can still happen among jaded people.


Contrasting Color And Combinations

When trying to get attention and eye focus, it’s important to look for colors that pop. Luckily, with LED signs, almost any color you choose will be a color that is bright, eye-catching, and beautiful. So, it’s often even better to make an effort to find a good combination that is both visually appealing and glitzy enough to gain attention. According to most aesthetic experts, the easiest way to make the most of your LED sign color combinations is to use contrasting colors.

Using contrasting color not only makes the colors show more brightly, but also instinctually forces eyes to gaze at it. In order to get the most marketing power out of your color choices, it’s often good to pair some contrasting colors with the message that you’re trying to send. Here are some ideas on how to make great color contrast LED sign designs below.


Examples Of How To Use Contrasting Colors

  • Red and blue make for simple but highly visible signs. If you have a need for the most low budget of LED signs, then pairing red with blue as your LED light choices is usually the easiest way to guarantee the most visibility. Both colors are highly valued in marketing, and also show up very brightly.
  • Use contrasting colors to illustrate what you’re advertising on more upscale LED signs. Red, white and blue LED signs are amazing picks for a 4th of July sale. Yellow and purple flower illustrations can be ideal for lawn care and landscaping service ads.
  • LED signs that can switch from one color to another are very, very visually captivating. They often may cost a little bit more than the standard sign, but they always get the point across. A quality design crew can also have them flash in different colors and change or animate the illustrations.
  • Contrasting color borders are an excellent way to get that much-desired splash of color without it being too overwhelming. For business owners who don’t want to overwhelm customers with overly loud signs and too heavy-handed usage of contrasting colors, this is an excellent way to add a subtle yet tasteful twist to a typical LED sign. The contrasting colors are still eye-catching, but at the same time, you won’t have to worry about overpowering customers who may find full-force color contrast usage to be somewhat gauche.


Getting The Right Sign For Your Ads

When you book your LED sign design through our company, you can rest assured that it will be a quality LED sign that suits your needs as a business owner. Whether you need it for something as simple as gas price changes, or something as complex as an animated outdoor LED sign or a billboard LED sign with a high level of detail, we have you covered.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about LED signage, what it can do for you, and how to make the most out of your advertising dollar when purchasing your signage. We also offer quality design services for very high end LED advertisements, color choice consultations, and much, much more. For a free consultation about LED signs, give us a call today!  877-532-5593