LED Signs Are A Great Marketing Tool

At adVISION LED our focus is to assist customers in replacing current advertising venues such as radio, TV, newspaper, and flyers with

attention-getting advertising concentrated on the passing public. We utilize the very best outdoor LED displays, and our state of the art advertising software program is user-friendly. It takes more than a great looking LED sign to attract potential customers, that is why adVISION LED’s goal is to guide our customers to utilize their new sign to its full potential.

Your display is only as good as the company behind it. We offer you the best software, content, training, and marketing support so you can get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Full Color Led Display Signs

Your package will include:

  •  1800 video backgrounds
  •  2000 HD images
  •  Hundreds of still images
  •  Over 500 Fonts

You will also be able to upload and display your own pictures, videos, and logos on your display. We will professionally create your first five advertisements in order to assist you in marketing your products or services.

Specialties: Auto Sales, Churches, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Hotels, Night Clubs, Auto Repair, School Signs and others

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LED Signs Are A Great Marketing Tool

There are very few things in traditional and non-traditional marketing that can not only help spread the word about your company but also become part of the community’s landscape. For people who really want to set their company apart from the rest, the best way to make your presence known in a community is to get an LED sign.

While some may consider it to be too expensive, one should never underestimate the value of a well-placed LED sign as a marketing tool. Here are some of the reasons why many advertisers are happy with the way that their LED sign works.

  • It does become a landmark in many communities. LED signs are exceptionally eye-catching, especially at night. This, incidentally, makes your business’s location a major landmark to locals, which in turn makes them think of your business whenever they are in need of services that you provide. After all, in order for any advertisement to work, statistics show it has to be viewed at least 12 times. Any local who drives by your business regularly will end up knowing about it if you have a visually appealing sign. We are currently offering: single color led display signs, full color led display signs, gas led price changers, led advertising billboards, and other custom led signs.
  • You can change up the message that the LED sign says without having any extra cost. Are you tired of posting up signs, then having to replace them once the special or sale you were advertising is over with? You’re not alone. That’s why many business owners adore the convenience that LED signs allow them. In many ways, having an LED sign to advertise your sales can actually trim costs over the long term, while still getting the message out there.
  • Unlike regular signs and magazine ads, LED signs are very difficult to ignore. One of the biggest hurdles that people have to deal with when trying to put together an advertising campaign is putting something together that people can’t really ignore. There’s a lot of competition from different media groups, which makes it harder for most traditional advertising campaigns to work well. LED signs are hard to ignore because they are made with some of the brightest lights out there. They naturally attract gazes!
  • Unlike regular light-up signs, LED signs actually are surprisingly low maintenance and good for the environment. Replacing massive bulbs behind light up signs is not only time consuming, but also can be terrible for the environment. Larger fluorescent bulbs tend to consume electricity heavily, and also can be potentially toxic to clean up, depending on the kind of bulb that is required. LED lights only need to be replaced once every 10 years,  and use an incredibly small amount of energy. They also don’t burn out, either.
  • LED lights also can be used to provide interesting and up to date news feeds for companies that are known for being current with their information. Have you ever seen some of those massive LED strip ribbons that scroll the latest news from the NYSE stock exchange? Did you ever sit there and think about how professional, how financially wise, and how downright intelligent they look? With the right positioning, an LED light ticker can actually become both a beautiful centerpiece to the main lobby or one of the best ways to get people to believe in your company’s ability to make things happen.
  • LED signs are also great for marketing community events. We have seen many cases in which city halls have used LED signs to help band together the local community for bake sales, parades, and even auctions to help benefit schools and parks in the area.
  • LED signs look great on just about any business front. Much of any successful marketing campaign is image management, and nothing matters more than the exterior of a building. Whether your business is a small school, a construction company office, or even a restaurant, a well-placed LED sign can make the difference between a “blah” appearance and one that pops. Part of marketing is also about maintaining the look of your business and giving it the right appearance, so obviously, a good LED sign installation can contribute to that aspect of your marketing work as well.

The bottom line

LED signs are an excellent marketing tool because they allow you to choose and update your message regularly and because they help your company’s location stand out. Not many other marketing tools that you will find are able to provide this kind of excellent exposure while keeping costs low. If you are ready to improve your marketing campaign greatly, it’s absolutely crucial to get an LED sign that actually suits your business and helps you become a major part of your neighborhood. Don’t wait until the competition gets your business – call us today to learn more about how an LED sign can become your number one marketing tool!


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