Why Get An LED Billboard? To advertise your business?

LED billboard use has been hitting record numbers, and has been cited as one of the most rapidly growing ways to steal attention from passersby on major highways and roads throughout the country. The rapidly expanding use of LED billboards is not a mistake, nor is it a fluke. The truth is that many businesses and business owners are realizing how LED billboard use not only draws customers, but can also improve their company’s bottom lines in ways that other advertising methods cannot.


LED Billboard Use For A Single Company

A single company can use an LED billboard in a number of ways. They are excellent for having multiple advertisements scrolling on a large screen at the same time. LED billboards offer a superior level of visibility, a large amount of different layouts and designs to choose from, and a huge opportunity to switch up your advertisements with little problem. These billboards, unlike incandescently lit billboards, do not require special maintenance crews or even ½ hour of time to switch up advertisements. They are also more durable, more modern in appearance, and less expensive to maintain.


LED Billboard Use For Multiple Companies

LED billboards can be made large enough to be visible from major highways, and when they are made this large, their signage often becomes prime advertising real estate. Because many businesses tend to want this kind of advertisement space, they often end up choosing to pay businesses that own the billboards for the opportunity to get advertising time on their LED billboards. This in turn reduces the cost of maintaining and even owning one.

In fact, there are multiple companies that work and earn income solely by getting high end LED billboards in high traffic locations, and then renting out the billboard space to companies that may want to use it. Due to the fact that the LEDs add a new layer of visibility to the billboards at night, they are often much more coveted by advertisers than a standard billboard. This in turn allows businesses that own the billboards to charge a much higher cost.


Tips For Your First LED Billboard

  • Choose a company that can offer business LED signs at a manufacturer price, or wholesale price. The cost of an LED billboard will be much higher if you don’t go for a company that gives you a wholesale style price.
  • Have a plan when it comes to where you’re going to place it, what kind of ads you want to run using it, and what kind of budget you’re willing to work with. If you need help with advertising or marketing ideas, we are happy to help.
  • Your LED billboard should be viewed as an investment on your business. These signs have some of the highest returns on investments out of all of the LED signs we carry. And, since people often will be happy to pay money to share advertising time on your sign, it can also become a source of additional profit for your company.
  • It’s important to remember that LED billboards can technically run the gamut from something as simple as an LED gas price changer to a full-on billboard that can be programmed with brand new advertisements at the push of a button. It’s up to you to find the right one to suit both your needs and your budget.
  • LED billboards are also much lower maintenance, and much more difficult to vandalize than a typical billboard sign. This makes them much better for people who want less fuss, and a little bit less maintenance time. Better still, they also promote more attention to your business than the average billboard can offer thanks to their bright lights.
  • Our company is one of the best to work with in terms of learning what every billboard option offers, and how to make the most out of your advertising space. With our highly qualified marketing, design, and building teams working with you, you can rest assured that you will get the very best billboard that money can buy.


Is An LED Billboard Right For You?

In terms of advertising space, visibility, and the sheer amount of different advertising display options, an LED billboard is quite possibly the best thing that you can get for your advertising dollar. However, there are times when an LED billboard might be overkill. We often suggest simpler designs for gas stations, schools, and churches, simply because the messages being broadcast can be sent out in an easier way. Major, multicolor, high definition LED billboards are often best for large companies, entertainment venues, and malls. However, there are LED billboards that may be able to help other companies advertise their services and goods as well, so if in doubt, ask us for a consultation.

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