Top 5 Smart Ways to Use Outdoor LED Signs to Increase Sales

Have you bought something before simply because you were excited, sad or as it turns out, intoxicated? According to US statistics, 3 in 4 Americans have made impulse purchases. Impulse buying is also characterized by large bills with statistics showing that as many as 26% of impulse buyers spend between $500 and $1000 on the spot.

Most buyers want what they want now and only realize this when they are a minute or just a couple of seconds away from paying for it. For this reason especially, advertising outdoor LED signs are the most effective method of marketing and generating sales from impulse buying behavior compared to other advertising methods.

Smart retailers know this and take advantage of it, according to the vice president and spokesperson for the National Foundation for Consumer Credit, Gail Cunningham, while adding that end-cap displays and checking lanes can be very enticing to customers.

What can outdoor LED signs do for your business?

Can outdoor LED display signs increase sales? If you could spare a few minutes, you can learn how to use LED signage to boost sales below.

1. Affordable and effective advertising

You don’t need Fortune 500 ad dollars to pull prospects in. Commercial outdoor LED signs are affordable to buy, easy and quick to install and operate, and require almost no maintenance budget.

If you plan on attracting motorists to your business, ground-mounted LED signs will help you do so. On the other hand, if you are more interested in foot traffic then using building-mounted signs can be what you need.

2. Use advertising signs to show yourself off

Location! Location! Location!

Business signage is an essential part of linking businesses to customers. When strategically placed, LED signage can work to direct customers to your counter. If you want an effective method to stand out among other businesses, shout out your location and display promotions to the right people, using exterior LED display signs will benefit you to this end.

3. Cheap and efficient branding

Customers will only buy from you if they think you can be trusted. LED displays illustrate professionalism and most clients use this to judge whether you can be trusted or otherwise.

Ensure that you include your business’s logo and unique offering in the outdoor LED display network to further reinforce your brand.outdoor led sign with american flag

4. Increase customer loyalty

Repeat clients are the lifeline to any business, new or established. Repeat customers are the hallmark of customer loyalty. So how do you use exterior advertising LED signs to establish a loyal customer base?

Using off-premises LED signs to convey concise information to potential customers means your call is always on around the year since LED signage tools work around the clock and for the better part of the year.

Even the most loyal customers need reminders along the street to remind them of your great product or service.

5. Target your specific customer base

Custom LED signs can be programmed to fit different niches at different times of the year, all year round. Unlike most other advertising methods, outdoor LED signs can be used to efficiently tune in specific clients, areas and fit a specific purpose—all this while giving a good return on investment (ROI).

Not everyone is your potential client and you only need to gear your marketing towards a very specific group of people that need your product or service. Specific advertising holds higher conversion rates than general advertising—such as in using TV advertising campaigns. By applying exterior LED signs to your sales process, every dollar’s investment is optimized.

As a small business you want customers buzzing about your offers. At the very least, you want to be noticed, seen, even questioned, but the cutthroat competition around may be dimming your publicity efforts. Or you are a new business and struggling to grab some attention, highlight your wares in full view of the public, generate leads, attract prospects and ultimately create a customer (hopefully a repeat one) out of a passerby.

An expert outdoor LED display signs dealer will help you to increase sales and establish your brand amidst tough competition. Advision LED Signs can come in and reinvent, reinvigorate and boost your brands pull and the results will show in the next sales report.

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