Educated LED Buying Questions

adVISION LED offers full color LED display signs, and we provide you with the software, content, training and marketing support you will need, so that you can get the most out of your 16mm full-color video display sign marketing efforts.

The most important aspect of comparing LED manufactures is to make sure that the product specifications are exactly the same. There are a few questions to ensure you always get the industry specific information from LED companies, instead of simply receiving sales literature from each potential manufacturer.

*Ask questions with specific answers pertaining to the product they are recommending.

Ex. Matrix Height: 64 Matrix Width: 144

*This will ensure you can directly compare number for number with other potential suppliers.

Ex. (4) LEDs per pixel – (2) Red, (1)Green, and (1) Blue

(3) LEDs per pixel – (1) Red, (1)Green, and (1) Blue

*The number of LEDs per pixel will directly affect the overall number of LEDs per sign face. In essence, two companies could be quoting the exact same sign matrix, but company (A) has (4) LEDs per pixel and company (B) has (3) LEDs per pixel. This will mean that company (A) product has 25% more resolution on the exact same surface area.

Ex. Physical Sign Size: 3″ x 7″ Screen Size: 3″ x 7″

*Some manufacturers have larger boarders around the perimeters of their displays and some manufacturers have no boarder. In the example above this company has a 2″ boarder around the perimeter of their display. Make decisions based on true numbers not sale pitch.

*Major manufacturers standard warranty is (5) years from purchase date. Each manufacturer will differ on the offer of service, labor and parts replacement. Some will require the customer to send a part back to the manufacturing facility for repair, at the expense of the client. Some will offer a limited time service warranty, ex. the (1) year service. While others will give the client a full (5) year warranty including: parts,labor and on-site service.

*Regardless, of which manufacturer you choose to do business with LED signs are electronic devices and have opportunity to fail. In the event of a failure what is the expected down time? If a part is coming from China the lead time will be 5-6 weeks, depending on order date. Most LED retailers simply purchase displays from manufacturers and resell to customers. In this case you are at the mercy of the manufacturer to replace the part.

*Food for thought, there are NO LED sign manufactures in the United States, there are LED sign assemblers. This question is designed to understand what company will be doing service and support on your display. If you purchase from a company that is not the company that understands the technical make up of the display, this will cause extensive downtime in the event of a hardware/ software failure. Unfortunately, not all companies that sell LEDs displays have the capability to fix LED displays in the event of a failure.
* The lead time to will take (8) weeks to receive a product from overseas. That is why major manufacturers hold current inventory, to reduce the lead time to a matter of a couple days. This is RED Flag if the company states longer lead time than (8) weeks for customized sizes. In that example, the company does not have any control of; product delivery, product construction, product replacement or serviceability.
* Virtual resolution is a marketing term that misrepresents the actual resolution of LED displays. If a company gives a virtual resolution, the actual or “True Resolution” is (2) times the virtual number.

Ex. Virtual Resolution (8)mm = True Resolution is actually, (16)mm

Virtual Resolution (10)mm = True Resolution is actually, (20)mm

Virtual Resolution (12.5)mm = True Resolution is actually, (25)mm

The only way to improve the clarity of an LED display is to have more LEDs on a given screen size.

All signs come with wireless connections.
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